Sunday, September 25, 2011

What's on Your Refrigerator?

Do you ever wish God would just send a plane pulling a message banner across the sky?
Do you ever think how it might be if God would rent a big billboard so you could read what He wants you to do about something or where He wants you to go?
Do you ever check to see if God left a post-it on the refrigerator for you to read for the day?
NEWS FLASH! God did better than any of that! He wrote you a very long letter that you can spend a lifetime reading and learning about God's thoughts for you! He also sent His only Son to "put on our skin and move into our neighborhood." (The Message, John 1:14) AND then - when Jesus went back to heaven - to sit beside God and wait to hear and answer our prayers, Jesus sent His Spirit to stick closer than our skin and blood for all the ticks of our time!
So, what's with the refrigerator? Refrigerators are for kid art and grocery lists mostly - O, and also for your magnet collection!

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