Monday, October 29, 2007

Need, Faith, Action

Why should I care?

It is the question answered by Moses, David, Esther and Nehemiah. They each saw a need and did something. Moses saw Jewish slaves groaning in the brick yard. David heard Goliath's roars and stepped up with his slingshot and stones. Esther risked the king's wrath to plead the cause of her people. Nehemiah volunteered for the construction crew to rebuild Jerusalem. And the line of men and women who step up to do something, who care when there is need is as long as time.

In each story, there is huge need, there is great faith, and there is a touched heart that responds in action. That's what it takes to make a difference in our world - willing hands and feet propelled by a caring heart!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Salt and Light...

Oprah's Promotion of Porn and Adultery Shameful, Says Christian Attorney reports that a special counsel with the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) is upset that Oprah Winfrey, in a recent show titled "237 Reasons to Have Sex," featured among her 'experts' a woman who traveled worldwide experiencing one night stands, and another who advocated the use of pornography for couples to enhance their marriage. ADF special counsel Pat Trueman says it is shameful that Winfrey would advocate destructive behavior on her national talk show. "Shame on Oprah!" says Truman. "There are lots of children who watch the show. Many adults; many, many Christians; she's got a loyal following because she does have good things on her show." He argues that because of Winfrey's status, giving a forum to "anti-Christian" and "sinful" values only serves to popularize such behavior, even though adultery and pornography can only harm marriages.
Why are we surprised when unbelievers act like unbelievers? That's our call to be salt and light in a dark, disgusting world! If we all flavor and light where we are for Jesus, it will make a difference! I'm gonna go out and try to be salt and light today.