Thursday, September 29, 2011

God's Heart for Me

The amazing truth that liberates and baths my heart in grace is that I don't have to work and struggle to reach up to God. I don't have to strain and stress over getting my own heart where I need to be before the face of God. I don't have to scratch and scrape around the "barnyard" of God's Kingdom finding my own way, meeting my own needs for life and purpose. NO! ALL God wants from me (and you) is for me to reach up to Him with an open heart and empty hands. He does ALL the rest! His heart is reaching for me long before I reach for Him. His heart longs for relationship with me! He draws my heart to His so that even when I turn to seek Him I find He's already seeking me!
Jesus came to make a terrible trade - my sin for His right-ness! Jesus brings me the double cure - a full pardon forever from both the guilt and power of sin's choke-hold on my heart!
Wow! I think I can live in that truth toady with His help! HE is enough - no matter what!

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