Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Broken Heart

Dr. Bob Pierce, founder of World Vision, met a little girl in China more than 60 years ago. Her name was White Jade. She heard about Jesus for the first time from Dr. Pierce. She asked Jesus to be her Savior. Then White Jade rushed home to share the wonderful good news of Jesus with her family. Her family was excited too but not with joy. They were angry and horrified. White Jade's father threw her out to make her way on the streets of Shangai. She wandered until she found an American missionary. White Jade begged to live with her. Six children already lived there. So the missionary said to Bob Pierce, "Give me $5 a year and I can take White Jade into my home too." Bob Pierce handed her $5.
Bob Pierce's heart was torn and challenged by White Jade. He returned to America. White Jade was the catalyst behind the founding of World Vision.
Over his years of ministry Bob Pierce visited China again and South Korea. He saw Christians over and over again going far above and beyond their means to care for other "White Jade's."
The suffering he saw moved his heart to write in the fly-leaf of his Bible, "Let my heart be broken by the things that break the heart of God." That short sentence was the theme of Bob Pierce's life and ministry.

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