Thursday, July 23, 2015

Summer Garden Thoughts

Been outside weeding and meditating. Funny my thoughts ran to Streams in the Desert by Mrs. Charles E. Cowman. I came to love this devotional book back in high school days and memorized this poem Mrs. Cowman wrote.

Mrs. Cowman served as a missionary in China and Japan, and spent six years nursing a dying husband. She wrote:

“We thank Thee Lord, for weary days

When desert streams were dry,

And first we knew what depths of need

Thy Love could satisfy.

We thank Thee for the rest in Him

The weary only know-

The perfect, wondrous sympathy

We needs must learn below.

The touch that heals the broken heart

is never felt above;

The angels know His blessedness,

His way-worn saints, His love.” -- written in 1924

That's me today:  weary, needy, broken but kept in the Savior's love!  Hope that's you as well!  We don't have it all together even if we're pretty good at fooling ourselves and others!  But, we know where to run with our tired, broken, needy selves - to Jesus the Rock of Ages!