Wednesday, January 22, 2014

7 Reasons to Celebrate Life!

Today marks the 41st anniversary of one of the worst legal decisions ever - Roe v. Wade!  Personally, I believe that much of the ugliness of life in these United States today can be directly linked to this Supreme Court decision and to the decision regarding prayer in the schools and its official removal!

One of the best parts of my life is being a grandmother to 7 very, very special people!








Each one holds a unique place in my heart! EACH is my grandchild due to God's grace in creating that special life and also due to the fact that both our sons and their wives value and celebrate life as much as I do!  Each grandchild has a different story. Each is a unique creation - fearfully and wonderfully made from 16-year-old Vania to 2 1/2-year-old Nash!

Abortion and its continued defense and practice in our country is egregious and abhorrent on many levels! That's my philosophical, theological position! On a personal level my view of abortion becomes even more passionate for at least seven very, very powerful reasons: Vania, Matthew, Abby, Clara, Noah, Nick, and Nash!  They are my 7 reasons to celebrate life today!