Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Footprints on the Heart

I don't think I would have ever stood in line to be part of a "disability ministry" even in spite of the fact that my doctors and I could make a pretty good case for my being disabled but it's in that area called "hidden disability." AND before my friends, family or even my not friends quickly say - you mean, mental - no, that's not it but enough of that!
However I find myself deeply immersed in disability ministry! God gave my husband a vision for a church intentionally started with the core value of reaching out particularly to individuals and families with special needs. I'm not the philosophical type so much as a relational servant. I spend a lot of time with the special friends I have met and come to value and love in this ministry and in my life. My life and heart are forever altered by the precious treasure of these very, very special friends!!!
Disability ministry grabs the heart! It may be costly in terms of time and energy but the joy of participating in another's struggles and pain is priceless!
These special friends have left their indelible footprints on my heart! AND that's a God thing! God sent them into my life to bless me FAR more than I can ever think of serving any of them! It is an incredible "hug" from God that my circle of friends is filled with broken people like me!

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