Thursday, April 12, 2012

Heart Bruises!

Did you ever get a bruise? They usually come from hitting something. The harder the hit usually the bigger the bruise and also the more colorful! :o] OR some ["lucky" or un"lucky"] people like me also get bruises from some unknown cause. Usually the tissue involved in a bruise hurts. Eventually bruises heal but in the meantime there may be pain and there is certainly a mark on the skin and deeper tissues physically.
There is another category of bruise - a heart bruise. Heart bruises are totally unseen. Some people flaunt them; others just go off alone and others grow bitter and stuck in their pain. Heart bruises don't go away so quickly. Sometimes they last for a very long time! Often the person who caused the heart bruise doesn't even know what he or she did. Sometimes the bruise is intentional. Neither matters to a heart bruise!
The path to healing of a heart bruise is handing it over to the great Physician. He is really the only One Who can heal the deep pain of a heart bruise! Heart bruises can be excrutiatingly painful. They bring us to our knees either in despair or in prayer.
The causes of heart bruises are myraid: spouse, children, words, actions and more! There is no escaping a heart bruise. They come to all! Sometimes reconciliation and forgiveness help the healing process but Jesus is the only ultimate Answer for heart bruises! Go to Him as He's in the business of restoring (healing completely) all heart bruises!

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