Sunday, April 29, 2012

Rock and Role!

Jesus had a nickname for Peter, one of Jesus’ special friends. Jesus called Peter the Rock. Peter means “rock.”
Sometimes Peter acted like a rock because he was so hard-headed. Sometimes Peter was just about the best friend Jesus had.
Did someone ever ask you to do something you just didn’t want to do? Maybe like take out the garbage or wash the dishes or mow the grass.
Maybe you just don’t want to do that job
right now. Well, that’s kind of what happened to Peter.
The Bible tells us about a conversation Jesus had with Peter. (See Mark 8:31-38) One day Jesus was talking to all His main men – his best friends – about things that were going to happen. You see, Jesus knew that He was going to die. Jesus told His friends this. They didn’t want to hear such bad news. Jesus also told them that He would come back to life but they were so upset they didn’t even hear that part of what Jesus said.
Well, Peter was REALLY upset that Jesus was talking about dying. The Bible says Peter really
got on Jesus’ case. Peter pretty much told Jesus, "You're nuts!" Peter told Jesus to stop talking about dying – that they didn’t want to hear !
Then Jesus basically told Peter to “shut up.” Jesus told Peter that he (Peter) didn’t have a clue what he was talking about. Jesus told Peter that God had a plan and that God’s plan was going to trump any other plans whether Peter liked it or not.
Then Jesus called the crowd of people to gather around so He could talk to them. There were many, many people following Jesus all the time. They wanted to hear what Jesus had to say. They wanted to see the wonderful things Jesus did – making blind men see and deaf men hear and sick women and little girls well.
Jesus knew why these people were following Him around. Jesus also knew that following Him was going to be hard when things got scary – when Jesus was arrested, taken to court and then killed on the cross. Jesus told the people that if they were going to follow Him that they needed to know it would be hard.
In fact, Jesus said that God’s way is often very different for how we would do things. Jesus said that God’s way seems upside-down to us (and them). Jesus isn’t trying to scare the people off. No! Jesus loved all these people following Him. He just wanted them to know that He was asking them to do something hard to do if they followed Him.
It is often hard to do the right thing and much easier to do the wrong thing. What God calls us to is faithful obedience no matter what even if that means everyone else is doing wrong. Jesus is always ready and willing to help you and me do the right thing!
Jesus loves to see us doing the right thing because that lets Jesus know that we love Him. He
will always love us no matter what but He wants us to follow Him and do the right thing even when it is hard! You and I can be rocks for Jesus – standing up for the right thing just like Jesus wanted Peter to do! Jesus will help us do the right thing if we ask Him! We can be "rocks" for Jesus like Peter if we follow Jesus and do what He wants us to do which is (our role or job) to be faithful and obedient!

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