Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Gospel for My Heart Today

Does discouragement preach to you a false gospel that forgets that your future has already been written into the pages of God's book?
Does vengeance preach to you a false gospel that focuses more on what someone did to you than on what God did for you? --Paul Tripp

Someone did me - and a whole group of people - wrong, wrong to the max over a period of time! It makes me mad and sad and a whole bunch of other emotions! The MOST frustrating part of the whole story besides the collateral damage is that there is absolutely nothing to do about it and the damage is huge!

These two questions really speak to my heart today! Is this situation discouraging? You betcha!!! Do I want to fix it? You betcha! Do I want the person who did the damage to get his/hers? In spades! So now we're about done taking about my heart, is there a remedy? It's not a pretty picture! BUT the reality of the Gospel is pretty wonderful! I'm going to choose to camp out in the Gospel today with the help of Jesus Who overcame sin and death forever!

Lord Jesus, help me to live today in the truth of the Gospel today and in all my tomorrows! Help me to lay THIS circumstance at Your feet. Help me to trust You to love me (and the others hurt by this betrayal) no matter what the circumstances look like! Help me to believe and practice that Your Gospel is way big enough to take care of all this - my heart, this other person, the circumstances and the damage!

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