Sunday, January 6, 2008

"Wanna B" President??? !!!

I don't know about you but I'm sick of the current cycle of presidential campaign! Maybe that's the subtle strategy after all. When thoughtful voters get so sick of hearing about this and that candidate "ad nauseum," it clears the way for apathy to set in. I'm fighting that apathy myself while trying to learn and stay informed on the various candidates.
The other problem besides the incessant TV coverage of interviews, debates, snipping and on and on is the "who factor." Did you ever wonder why anyone would want to run for president? It is akin to painting a target on your back and on the backs of your spouse and children and digging in for at least four years of attack and abuse! No wonder "the best of the best" don't want the job! The power and prestige and certainly name recognition come with the job as well as a huge load of responsibility. And then there's also that "target factor"!
Perhaps our political process needs restoring before we see life and culture as we know it totally crash and burn.
Reading my Old Testament reminds me that God's people over and over lived through the cycle of rebellion against God, repentance and then restoration back to "favored nation status" with the God of the universe. Over and over God patiently restores His wayward children and gently nudges (and even sometimes uses more radical means to nudge) their hearts toward home (a restored relationship with God).
This presidential election cycle is making me think that God's people imbedded in our culture need to take a serious look at why God put us in place. He put us here to be salt and light. We are imbedded agents to push back darkness and to bring the flavor of God's truth to the particular spot where we live and work.
No, I can't imagine anyone wanting to be president. Yes, I can understand why we are left with the field of candidates we have.

I'll just stick with the challenge of being salt and light here in the South Hills of PIttsburgh. That's a big enough challenge!

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