Friday, January 11, 2008

A Milestone Birthday

Today is my dad's 87th birthday. He's a pretty awesome guy to have for a father. He understands and lives 24/7 what a heart and life restored by Jesus looks like. He pretty much always has. What an incredible heritage for me and his other five children and more than 21 grandchildren and soon to be a dozen (and counting) great-grandchildren!
These days you can catch him a lot sitting with his Bible on his knees reading. He may not move as fast as he used to, but he hasn't changed a bit how he lives. His faithful living consistently demonstrates his heart restored by Jesus.
87 years is a long time to live. Chances are he has less time more to live than he already has lived. Sometime he's gonna just step over into the next life - eternity with Jesus. I don't like to think about that, but that's pretty selfish of me. It will be a wonderful transition for him! He will have a whole new body in heaven. The drag of years and various other things will no longer hang around. He will be free and whole. No more doctor visits, no more medicines, not even any more daily walks up his mountain road.
This morning he told me he planned to take a load of trash from the garage to the dump. He won't have to do that in heaven either.
This restoration business is pretty awesome when I consider where it leads in the end!

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Eowyn said...

PaPa's birthday is a joy to celebrate even if we can't be there! He is loved by all.