Friday, January 11, 2008

Disaster, Disaster Everywhere! What Is One to Think?

The evening news has the story of a murdered pregnant Marine in North Carolina. It also has the developing story of O.J. Simpson and his legal troubles which seem to be mounting by the moment. Former Olympic star and five-time medal winner Marion Jones not only has lost her medals but is now facing 6 months in jail, 2 years probation and 800 hours of community service. At least she took it on the chin like an adult and stood before the cameras and said she respected the decision of the court and judge today and hoped that others would learn from her mistakes.
Earlier today I was in the grocery store and found sad pictures of Britney Spears splashed on the front page of various magazines with even sadder headlines.
This world is a terrible place. People lie and cheat and steal. People do all they can to get away with even murder. Do we hear and see so much that it becomes commonplace? Does it even shock us anymore?
Is there outrage that the murder of a pregnant Marine is only one count of murder rather than two even though she was over eight months pregnant? (I had one of my sons at six months pregnant, and he is certainly a living human being - and was then as well!) Will the laws of North Carolina (criminal code) change to include the charge of murder for killing an unborn child?
What a mess we and our world are in! Talk about restoration - God's loving, restoring grace has never been more needed than in our world on this cold January 2008 evening.
Restoration begins one heart at a time as God works! God's restoring Gospel is the only hope for our messed-up lives and world.
When those in my home and my sphere of influence see God bringing restoration to my heart and that restoration beginning to overflow in my actions toward both God and others, then that little light of God's restoration begins to push back the darkness. Then the process of restoration spreads one heart at a time!

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