Monday, January 21, 2008

Roe v. Wade and Me

My personal encounter with abortion occurred some years ago when a church member called to ask me to come stay with their children while he took his pregnant wife to the hospital due to some cramping and bleeding she was experiencing.
Then sometime in the middle of that night the husband called to ask me to come to the hospital. One of our sons came to take my place as baby-sitter. I went to the hospital.
What I encountered there was uncomfortable, disturbing and extremely intense. The doctor was pushing for abortion. There was NO discussion of trying less drastic measures to save the baby's life.
The wife wanted to have the abortion. The husband was devastated. I learned later that this particular doctor was widely known for her very pro-choice position (strongly in favor of abortion). That long evening didn't end well for either the baby or that family or me!
I suppose the doctor benefited the most from the experience as she probably got paid. There was no discussion that evening except by the husband and me that there might be long term consequences for proceeding with the abortion.
I remember the doctor looking me straight in the eye and saying, "This is no one's business but hers. This is no big deal. The sooner it is done the better."
I can't tell you plus or minus what the long-term effect on that family is, but I know it was one of those ministry moments that will haunt me forever. In this case abortion left its awful mark even on me.

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