Saturday, November 3, 2007

War of Terror on Words

Words – that’s how we communicate but what a way we have with them! And the ways we use and abuse them are amazing!

Think of just ordinary – very good words – that have totally lost their meaning: love and gay come to mind immediately

Just today, on the news, was the item about “how to buy a coat.” Must be a REALLY, REALLY slow news day! Anyhow, the “expert” talking about how to buy a coat mentioned that buying a coat can be overwhelming. Buying a coat – overwhelming? Now that’s a new use for the word “overwhelming.”

Overwhelming can be watching fire crest over a ridge in California and suddenly consume your home and all its contents, including the memories and pictures! Now THAT’S overwhelming!

Overwhelming is watching a car run over your child or coming into your kitchen and finding your wife of over 50 years dead of a massive hemorrhage! These things and many others are truly overwhelming BUT I don’t think buying a coat falls in that category.

But, then there is the tennis shoe store – have you ever seen so many different types and kinds of tennis shoes? One needs a special degree just to know what KIND of tennis shoe one needs to select. Perhaps THAT is overwhelming!

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