Friday, November 16, 2007


No one ever told me how wonderful being a grandmother is. I discovered that awesome fact all by myself with a little help from my grandchildren, of course.

I have three grandchildren. My mother and dad have 21 “original “ grandchildren – and seven more gained through marriage to a grandchild. I might find 21 a little daunting even though they are spread out over 22 or more years (age wise), but three – now that’s a wonderful number!

Mine happen to be visiting at the moment. I was just musing as I cleaned up the breakfast mess how happy I am to be “young” enough to enjoy them. The mirror and my achy bones remind me that I am careening down the road to old age when I will be too old and crotchety to enjoy them like I do now. So I’m glad I can have them to love and enjoy just now …

Observing how they think is so interesting. Seeing how each one has his or her own unique personality is just plain fun.

But then there are the moments – squabbles over a toy, failure to obey, kicking the soccer ball in the house (which I just informed them their dad was never allowed to do either) and more. It’s in those moments when I see that they are just like me: they are sinners, too.

No matter how much I love them or want to wish their sinner hearts away or ignore the obvious – nothing changes the heart from the outside. Not even a grandmother’s love!

The only path to a restored heart for me or for them is to take the steps that lead to restoration:

See that I am broken and in need of being fixed (just like they are, too)
Know that I can do absolutely nothing to fix myself (nor can they)
Ask Jesus to make His “terrible trade” for me: exchanging my dirty, sinner’s heart and
giving me His right-living and loving and acting heart (otherwise known as a restored heart)
And then, give up struggling to fix myself and wave the surrender flag to the King of Kings, Jesus
Then, when my heart is in the process of restoration (as is theirs) I can be a better grandmother and they can be better grandchildren because it all starts in the heart.

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