Thursday, November 8, 2007

More About “Dog” (Duane Chapman, Bounty Hunter)

More About “Dog” (Duane Chapman, Bounty Hunter)

“Dog” says he feels terrible, really terrible about what he said. I can only assume that the reason is because he got caught as he’s always talked trashy talk apparently.

“Dog” says he’s sorry, too. Then he promises to try “never, ever, ever to use that words again.”

What he says next is interesting because he starts talking about being “on the hot seat” and not liking it. My translation for all that including the tears is that “Dog” really, really wishes that he had never, ever, ever gotten caught and recorded and especially wishes he hadn’t been exposed to the world. He just wants it all to go away as painlessly as possible, I think.

But the interview on Hannity and Colmes gets better. Shaun Hannity asks “Dog” - So what are you going to do to make up for this really big, big bad thing you’ve done and said?

The “Dog” responds that he really had hoped that no one would ever know so he wouldn’t have to do anything but just make like sorry. And after he goes on in that vein for awhile, he says the most interesting thing of all so far, “But now I’ve had to clean myself to be able to look at myself in the mirror.”

So he does understand on some level that there’s dirt here that is pretty indelible. Problem now is that the “Dog” doesn’t know what to do to fix the dirt.

Shaun Hannity observes: “You don’t think you’ll be forgiven? … It sounds like you won’t forgive yourself.”

Then, enter stage right, Duane “Dog” Chapman (the bounty hunter) ’s preacher, Tim Storey. He has some things to say, too:

“What you have with Duane — I met him before he was the big Dog the Bounty Hunter, before he had the A&E show. And he's rough around the edges. And, you know, God uses shaky people to do sturdy projects. And when I met him I knew he had trouble. He (the “Dog”) has flaws — flaws, faults, failures in his life.”

[And I guess the massed choir just hummed and sang, “Unh-Uh !” or something.]

Storey continues: “… he does have a big mouth. But I do believe in forgiveness. I believe that you can get forgiven, that God will (forgive) forget, and you can go forward.”

HANNITY: Well, he's said he doesn't think anybody will forget.


HANNITY (to “Dog”): Do you believe that? Is this — you know, you may lose, and we haven't gotten to the issue of what's up with A&E? Are you going to lose your show?

D. CHAPMAN: I don't know. I'm laid off. I mean, I don't know.

HANNITY: Pastor, you can help out here. He's not Mother Teresa.


HANNITY: I mean his whole show, there's a lot of bleep bleep bleep bleep bleeps in the show.

STOREY: You know what's amazing, Sean, is a lot of people, they want mercy but they're not willing to give it out.

D. CHAPMAN: I need forgiveness way before I need my job.

HANNITY: Do you believe that he's capable of now saying he's going to change his life and not curse anymore?

STOREY: Not on his own. I believe that God can help him.

HANNITY: And that will be a miracle

What a classic pattern of all of our hearts! Thanks, "Dog," for this lesson in sin and need, failure and flaws, repentance and forgiveness leading to restoration!

Now, I don't know where "Dog" will go or what he will do with his own flawed heart but there are some things I do know:
  • I know that we all have flawed hearts.
  • I know we all see dirt when we look in the mirror.
  • I know we all want to clean up ("fix") the dirt especially when we get caught with the dirt.
  • I know that we can't clean up a broken, dirty, flawed heart! No way, no how!
  • I know we ALL need forgiveness!
  • I know that the only source of forgiveness is Jesus Christ. He died to take care of flawed, dirty hearts. He makes the terrible trade (for Him) of giving us His cleanness and He takes our dirt! WOW!
It is a miracle! Only God can take care of heart problems like "Dog" 's and mine. God is the only source for forgiveness. He provided His Son Jesus to accomplish what we could never do for ourselves - find forgiveness.

And I know the massed choir is singing in grand harmony, "Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah - Glory !" Jesus said so, ... there's more joy in heaven over one sinner's rescued life than over others who don't think they have any need of rescue. (Luke 15:7, The Message)

  • I also know that just about everyone wants "mercy, but they're not willing to give it out."
  • And it is for sure that "God uses shaky people to do sturdy projects" !

It is a matter of getting the order of the process right. There is nothing but futile frustration in trying to clean up my own dirt (or you trying to clean up yours) !

The good news is that God is in the dirt cleaning, heart restoring and forgiving business 24/7! And it is a huge miracle! I'm not Mother Teresa either. But from this being restored heart, I'm so thankful that "God uses shaky people to do sturdy projects" because that means he can use me! He can even use me to give out His mercy to other flawed dirty hearts like mine!

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