Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Needs fixed? A Restored Heart

In Pittsburgh few people struggle to understand the sense of the question, "Needs fixed?" We get it! The broken car needs fixed. The dirty house needs cleaned or "redded up." (Note: "Redded up" means a little more than picking up the red stuff lying around. :o)

So what about a heart that needs fixed or "redded up? I guess like in a "Restoration Heart" ? Words: what do they mean?

Could they mean the heart is so restored/fixed/"redded up that perfection is finally achieved and there is no more work ("redding up") to be done? NOT A CHANCE!

A restored heart is a heart in the continual process of being restored. That means that I need Jesus every day to walk beside me and do His work of restoration in my own broken life and heart. It also means that as I experience God's great restoration in my own heart I need to reach out to others who are also broken. My heart offers them love and acceptance. My heart, hands and feet come alongside them for encouragement.

As more and more restored and being restored hearts walk together down the Life Road, the band of brothers and sisters grows. As they go, the band of broken sinners in the process of restoration walking together help each other along the way. This means the one who has no arms gets arms from one who does. It means that the one who has no eyes gets sight from another who sees more clearly. It means that the brother who struggles to hear gets words and sounds from another who hears and cares.

It is a process that lasts until life ends - this process of being fixed or "redded up" or restoration! To get started only takes Jesus and me or you!

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