Thursday, November 15, 2007

Curved or Linear and Intelligence

It was a news item over the weekend.,2933,310636,00.html

Scientists at the University of Pittsburgh have actually been spending time interviewing 16,000 or so women and girls in an effort to discover a correlation between curves and intelligence. They have now published a report in a professional journal with their conclusions.

I am the oldest of six children – four girls and two boys. All three of my sisters are beautiful and smart. We are all in different stages of life since we are spread out over seventeen years in our ages.

My youngest sister who has four very smart sons put me onto this news item today. One of her very intelligent sons found it. For some strange reason some scientists at the University of Pittsburgh have been studying the correlation between female body measurements and cognitive tests. . (One has to wonder if science is winding down on what needs to be known if it is reduced to such a project. One has to wonder where the initial concept came from in the first place.)

According to Fox News online, women with more curves (greater difference between hips and waist specifically) scored significantly higher on the intelligence tests. And the children of these women also scored significantly higher on the tests than others whose mothers have fewer curves. (The actual defining statistic used was women whose waists are smaller than their hips.)

Now think about that for just a moment: bigger hips than waists. Except for pregnant women (who are supposed to be shaped that way), who in the world would ever want a bigger waist than hips? That is a serious call to diet when one’s waist measurement exceeds the size of one’s hips.

The report continues that the correlation between large thighs and hips is also linked to higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids. The report states that these omega-3 fatty acids contribute to brain growth during pregnancy. The report didn’t specify whose brain grows. One assumes the baby is whose brain grows but perhaps both mother and baby benefit intellectually from their bonded experience.

The report also states that “thinner or more linear-shaped women lack both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids around their waists and hips” so that they benefit from being more “linear” by living longer in their linear state but with more diminished intelligence than their curvier counterparts.

The report concludes: “Real women don’t just have curves. They are also smarter, live longer and give birth to smarter children.”

I have one very happy curvaceous baby sister today with four very intelligent sons! But the best news of all is: they all have restored hearts as well as superior intelligence. They know Jesus and walk with Him – every single one – and that’s the most intelligent choice of all!

It doesn’t take scientific research to determine the intelligence of choosing Jesus, it just takes faith and life lived in a relationship with Him. And that’s far more significant than curves or the absence thereof or even superior intelligence or less superior intelligence.

In the first century Paul of Tarsus wrote something like this (my paraphrase): When you know and love Jesus then neither having curves or not having curves – neither being of superior intellect or lacking in intelligence – is of any value. What matters is something far more interior (in the restored heart): faith expressed in love! (Galatians 5:6, paraphrase)

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