Monday, June 25, 2012

God, AAA and Me Today!

God, give me a heart today that obeys You no matter what happens - WOW! I'm big time having an opportunity to test this in spades today!
I posted this on Twitter today - only I neglected to hit "enter" - and rushed out of the house to take my hubby a piece of equipment he needed in a meeting. Just a few details: the meeting was on the exact opposite end of Pittsburgh, he didn't have a street address for my GPS so I headed out.........
I got to the right "street" only I didn't know the number - just that he was at a Panera's (There are at least 4 Paneras in a 3 mile stretch of that highway.) . He wasn't answering his cell phone and texted "I'm in a meeting". Well, I knew that!
He finally called me back. I was sitting in a Lowe's parking lot waiting for a call back. So he told me I needed to come a mile or so west. I drove to the stop light with my left turn signal on. Just a few car lengths from the front of the inside lane of two left hand turn lanes my car cut off. There was no power AT ALL! I couldn't run down a window. Even my emergency flashers didn't work! I can't tell how many cars came up behind and then around me to both the right and the left.
Meanwhile John was coming to me. He came toward me and then pulled in front of my car so he could jump my car. NOW you need to know that this was in the middle lane of seven traffic lanes! Hubby hooked up the jumper cables. My car started and ran for a total of about 20 seconds and quit again! THEN a policeman - lights flashing pulled up behind - but he wanted to give us a ticket or rather two tickets and then tow my car which we would have to pay $250 to get back from the impound lot. THEN just behind him a flatbed AAA truck pulled up. We have AAA Plus so suddenly things started looking up. The AAA man offered to get in my car after he put his battery thingy under the hood so he could drive my car around the corner and off the road. Long story short: The friendly (?) policeman left without ticketing us. The AAA man towed my car and it's at the repair shop. John has moved on to the rest of his day after leaving me at home.
I sat down at my computer and saw:
"God, give me a heart today that obeys You no matter what happens!" UH, I guess God was getting me ready for what He already knew! I guarantee you that the words typed somewhat glibly earlier take on NEW meaning now! WOW! God takes even my glib prayers seriously and answers but I gotta say I wasn't exactly on that track sitting in the middle of 7 lanes of busy traffic with NO power in a dead car!
Thank you, God, for AAA men and for husbands and for flexible schedules!

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