Monday, June 18, 2012

Another Day

I'm sitting a long way from home very tired in a home finally gone quiet and still. It has been a very long day filled with many things. I am helping my sister care for my parents this week. They are both frail and needy. It is not always easy. My sister is a trophy of God's grace as she lays down her life sacrifically for them. I'm just following in her train trying to be a second pair of hands.
There may be other words that describe those we love who have various levels of function that create needs that are special because no one presents entirely the same. Personally I like special needs. My parents both have special needs - different but equally necessary to lovingly care for them! They were neither one born with these issues - physical, mental and more. Each struggles with broken minds and bodies in this season of life. Life has brought each to a place he and she would never have chosen.
It is bitter sweet and I knew when I came that it would be. It will be a sweet memory that I had these days to love and serve them. It is also "bitter" to lose two wonderful people who have been my world in many ways and to lose them inch by inch. Their issues will not be fixed this side of heaven. Their needs will increase as time moves on until one day each crosses over to that eternal world where there is no more pain, where broken minds and worn-out, disease-ravaged bodies will be restored.
Well, the clock is striking hour 23 and tomorrow is another day...................!

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