Monday, June 4, 2012

#1 or the King?

Sad but true that our natural tendency is to look out for #1. Given a glimmer of a chance we incline toward building our own kingdom - trying to BEST others. Well, you know that drill and so do I!
Several times recently I have seen stellar examples of Christian ministries selflessly giving back, paying forward (or whatever the current buzz word is) to help ministries beginning or struggling. Most recently my husband and I met (last night) with two key people from a ministry that intentionally exists to help and support churches and pastors involved in special needs ministries. That is SO cool! This ministry is rooted in the concept that there needs to be a "church for every child." They generously share resources and brainstorm ways to build other ministries! Big kudos to Steve Grcevich and Key Ministry!
In thinking with a grateful heart that another ministry intentionally helps other like-minded ministries, several thoughts surfaced:
  • Jesus builds His Kingdom and we should all be focused on and committed to building His Kingdom not ours! He allows us to participate to bless us! He doesn't need us but He chooses to use us in this Kingdom-building process!
  • It is scary sometimes because we are all sinners so we don't always treat brothers and sisters in ministry with integrity. We should be willing to risk and want the best for others and be willing to assist them any way we can. Remember none of us should be building our kingdoms. Rather we are participating in building God's Kingdom on earth for now and for eternity!
  • God sees the intentions of our hearts so we do the right thing, take the high road walking with the King and leave the rest with Him!

Sola Dei Gloria! To God be the glory great things He has done! So loved He the world that He gave us His Son!

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