Sunday, February 26, 2012

My Three Special Granddaughters!

I have three really wonderful granddaughters. Two of them have been mine since birth. One came later.
Here's a special story about these three of my heart!
Clara and Abby first met Vania on a family vacation outing at Biltmore Estate in Asheville NC. Vania is the oldest at 15. Clara and Abby are 8 and 9. When they met it was obvious that they were intrigued with each other but also shy - just not quite sure how to relate to each other. Clara was particularly hanging back.
At that point in time, Vania's mother and our son were just engaged. Six months later they married after a "lifetime" of waiting for this love of both their lives!
The next time I saw Vania, Clara and Abby weren't there. Vania came into the house and ran from room to room upstairs and down. I followed her. After she had peeked in every room she leaned against the door frame, looked at me and said, "Whur the gurls?" It took me a minute to understand. She was looking for Abby and Clara. She was totally disappointed when I told her they were far away at home in Virginia.
A few short months later all three girls were in the wedding in their beautiful red silk dresses.
When Vania got to the front of the church, she was so happy her mother was marrying "Daddy Dave" that she literally danced a little gig! It was so precious!
The three girls bonded a little more at the wedding.
One reason Clara didn't quite know how to relate is that Vania is special. She has Down Syndrome. She has limited ability to talk clearly. She marches to her own drummer. She has a heart as big as the outdoors, a beautiful smile and a keen appreciation for giving and receiving love.
What about now? How is that relationship turning out?
Here's what happened yesterday: one of our grandsons, the brother of Abby and Clara, (all three are visiting us in Pittsburgh for a week) had a bad ear ache. We went to Med Express since it was Saturday. All of us went back to the exam room. The nurse was getting a history. She asked some questions about family health. Clara piped up and said, "Well, Vania has something. She has Down Syndrome but it's not catching and she's our cousin!" It might not seem like such a big thing except it spoke volumes about how far their relationship has come. What started as a little uncomfortable - the new and unknown - has come around to a matter of the heart with acceptance and love!
That's pretty special! It is truly a story about restoration deep in the heart!
Jesus, thank you for granddaughters who love and appreciate each other!

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