Saturday, February 18, 2012

Leadership By the Book!

I went to a breakfast this morning to promote classical education. It was a little shocking but very interesting to hear one of the panel members - long time Pittsburger - say that he thinks the wrong side won the War Between the States. No one flinched but it was an amazing statement in Pittsburgh!
What a painful time in our country's history! Probably the North had to win to perserve the state of the Union. On balance, however, the South had the best generals - most of whom were men of great integrity and faith. The South lacked the industrial strength to support the war. The South suffered greatly from the scorched earth policy of General Sherman. Our country suffered as families were divided and as war took its terrible toll! But God did bring us through those dark days to perserve a more perfect union! That is our history - Pray God to preserve us again in these perilous times!

Happy Birthday, President Lincoln! Thank you for your leadership of this country through very dark, difficult days!

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