Friday, June 10, 2011

Does a Repentant Heart Just Be Sorry?

Remember the "love is never having to say I'm sorry"? Well, it's a lie born in the pit of hell!
God's truth has its counterfeit in Satan's lies. This is one example!

Actually the truth is that love is ALWAYS having to say I'm sorry! AND there is more to being sorry than just saying so! Repentance means turning and going in the opposite direction than anger and sin took you or me. Repentance means making right what has gone so wrong "as far as it depends on you"! (Rom. 12:18)

"The life of a repentant person is altered. The course of their daily conduct is entirely changed. A new King reigns within their heart.
-- J.C. Ryle from Old Paths, 5 Marks of Repentance, 1816-1900

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