Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Coming from Pittsburgh I am up-close and personally familiar with all kinds of construction. The theme for the Joni and Friends Family Retreat 2008 in Murrieta, CA is "Extreme Make-Over" taking off from the popular TV show on Home and Garden Network. Only this extreme make-over has more to do with hearts than anything else!

For five wonderful days families and individuals are coming to this beautiful spot for rest and refreshment - restoration. For five great days more than sixty "short term missionaries" (one of whom is me) have the incredible privilege of coming alongside one of these families or individuals to serve them. Right now we're all busily making welcome signs for "our" family or person and others are "constructing a house" for a stage backdrop.

Jesus must be looking down from heaven with a smile. He Himself worked in a carpenter's shop when he lived on earth. He is definitely in the business of heart restoration! It will be awesome to participate in God's great work of restoration this week. I expect my own heart to be restored as I serve others. So, "Let's do it!"

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