Monday, July 21, 2008

A Being-Restored Heart in a Twisted Body

J. Paul Getty left a legacy of art and architecture. On canvas and in stone he left treasures to wow the world. He made his fortune in the early to mid-20th century amassing billions.

I visited "The Getty" (J. Paul Getty's museum) the other day. It sits high atop a hill in southern California. There are more than five multi-storied buildings to house Getty's collection of rare and beautiful treasures, exotic gardens and waterfalls around the spacious central plaza.

There must be something fundamentally wrong with me because I'm finding a little art, pieces of furniture, manuscript pages, sculpture and pottery go a long way.

One of my companions on this "field trip" is a fabulous young man named Amos. Amos challenges me to my core. Amos is touring "The Getty" on a skateboard today. That's just how he gets around!

When Amos was born, the doc twisted his hips in the birth canal during delivery. The twist broke Amos' back and permanently damaged his spinal cord. Amos' body is twisted from his lower chest down. He cannot walk. He has a different way of sitting. Pretty much the practicalities of living I mostly take for granted are challenges for Amos.

I overheard Amos say: "I'm not handicapped. I'm not disabled. I just have a twisted body."

Amos isn't angry. Amos isn't bitter. Amos knows and loves Jesus! Amos' heart is being restored by God's love and grace! Someday God will untwist Amos' body, too. For now, Amos is just rolling along through life with Jesus! My heart won't be the same after meeting him. Just spending time getting to know him and learning his heart has "blessed my socks off"!

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