Monday, July 21, 2008

California Lutheran University and Laundry

God showed up in the laundry room at CA Lutheran U tonight! Who would think that an "old" lady and a crippled guy doing laundry would encounter two cool black guys also doing laundry? Who would think Jesus might be found in a college dorm laundry room? But Jesus did show up there! There were no hymns or Scripture or sermons - nothing like that!

It's really quite simple - being friendly - getting to know two strangers and being started - by God's grace - in a laundry room. I can't say these two guys know they have encountered Jesus tonight, but they have.

These guys might forget the "old" lady, but I just bet it'll be a long time before they forget the guy on the skateboard talking openly and honestly about being twisted and crippled.

It's obvious these guys are more than a little intrigued with Amos' story of Joni and Friends International Institute of Disability and some of what we've learned this week. They never heard of Joni Eareckson Tada and her ministry's Family
Retreats (“Joni Camp”). But I don’t think they will soon forget their encounter with Amos tonight.

When Amos pulled his body off his skateboard and “hopped” onto one of the dryers I knew this was a “God thing” for these two guys – an encounter planned by God Himself. I watched the guys' faces as Amos talked about how crawling builds upper body strength. They were obviously impressed with such a compelling object lesson right before their eyes.

But, more than that - they were seeing Jesus shining forth in a broken body with a beautiful being-restored heart!

I don't normally expect God to show up in the laundry room - especially in a CA Lutheran U dorm. BUT I know God showed up at CA Lutheran U tonight, and it was a beautiful thing to watch!
(Amos personally approved this blog submission.)

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