Tuesday, July 8, 2008


I took a walk down memory lane today. My uncle is writing a book and he wanted me to write some memories about my grandparent's home. Of course, I could probably write my own book about that subject 'cause I do have lots of memories of visits there, but it was fun just thinking and remembering and then trying to put it all down in some semblance of order.

He asked me to write memories of a house, of a property basically. Guess what? I found I couldn't write just about a house and its grounds. That house and those grounds only have meaning as they connect to people I love, things I did and saw.

As I mentally wandered down memory lane from room-to-room in my grandparent's home, every single memory was tied to a person I loved and who loved me. In fact, about ten years ago that same house I remember where my grandparents lived was open for a garden tour. My husband and I went. It wasn't the same! So much had changed as much of their property was sold to make an exclusive residential area filled with other beautiful homes. The house no longer sits on the bank of the James River. There are other houses between "Merry Point" and the James now.

What is wonderful is knowing all the legacy of happy memories I have and all the love I experienced at the spot. Those memories are part of who I am - not because of a house. It was the people and the love we shared that made the difference!

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