Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Catch Me If You Can!

I went to bed weary - very weary - last night --- so weary that I pondered what was wrong. Was it a very busy day? Yep, you betcha! That's pretty much what all my days are. As I pondered I thought of this phrase: Catch me if You can!

Just about every day I blast off to a day that is full and demanding. Do I look over my shoulder as I hurry on my way and shout to God, Catch me if You can! ??? 

Tucked in one of my favorite devotional books - Streams in the Desert by Mrs. Charles Cowman - is a great quote from which the title is taken:

Thank you, God for weary days, when desert streams were dry. That's when we learned the depths of need Your love could satisfy. Thanks for the rest in You, the weary only know--the perfect, wondrous sympathy, that we must learn below. The touch that heals the broken heart is never felt above. The angels know His blessedness; His way-worn saints, His love (Streams in the Desert).

On the weary days when I'm a bona fide way-worn saint, shouting over my shoulder - Catch me if You can - as I blast off,  what my weary heart and body need MOST is to know His love!  And His love is as close as my next breath! His love will surround me in the blast off and the journey! What I need most is to rest in that love as I hurry on my way!

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