Saturday, November 19, 2011

Living Faith from the Heart

When I was in the fourth, fifth and sixth grades my mother used to go to the orphanage in the next block from our church. We had a Chevy station wagon. It was in the days before seat belt laws. Mother would cram four of her own kids and twenty or so orphans in our car and drive us all out to our house on Pensacola Bay. We would swim, play games, have snacks and talk about Jesus. Then Mother would drive them all back to the orphanage. She didn't do this just once or twice. She planned these outings regularly. For some of these kids this was as special as it got!
Some of these orphans had terrible stories of how and why they ended up living in an orphanage. Over the years I sometimes wonder where they are and how life has turned out for them. I hope those afternoons on our beach are special memories for them just like they are for me!
Today is National Adopt an Orphan Day! Jim Daly, president of Focus on the Family, has written a great op ed piece in his blog today:
My mother really loved those kids and she showed them the love of Jesus! My mother loves Jesus so much that it used to embarrass me. But one thing I have never ever doubted: my mother loves Jesus and she wears her faith on her sleeve, in her heart and lives it out in amazing ways!

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