Saturday, November 19, 2011

Listening with my Heart

Recently my sister-in-law spoke to me about my son's family and particularly my granddaughter who has Down Syndrome. She said, "Obviously she is so loved. You can just tell by how they care for her. She always looks so adorable. She's always included in the middle of everything because she is so special."
It is true! Vania has a hard time expressing herself. I have to listen carefully to "catch" her words. She is saying something significant when she speaks. She just has a different way of speaking. I have to listen with my heart as well as my ears.
It is also true that Vania is greatly loved! Her mother treats her like any other young teen and dresses her in the latest style. Her mother has loved her from before she was born and through all the challenging years in-between: multiple heart surgeries and all the accompanying challenges that come with special needs.
My son married her mother several years ago. He too loves Vania with a Daddy-heart and Vania knows it! She sits as close as she can to him and calls him "Daddy Dave"!
Vania calls me "her" and her Granddaddy "him" but she knows who we are and always gives her special hugs and smiles!
Vania's name is the Englishized rendition of the Hebrew word for "Gift of God." She is truly that - God's VERY special gift to our family!
God, thank you for sending me Vania to love and to love me! Help me to love her well!

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