Friday, November 25, 2011

Distressed Heart!

I am deeply distressed. I just listened to President Barak Obama's Thanksgiving Day address to the nation. In it he spoke eloquently and smoothly as befits the gifted orator he is, but some of his words and phrases distress me.

  • He spoke of spending Thanksgiving Day with his family and reflecting on "how lucky we are."

  • He talked about being thankful for our service members ... and others "serving in soup kitchens and shelters" so that others can have a hot meal.

  • He spoke about a "mutual sense of responsibility" we share as Americans.

  • He talked about our having "faith that tomorrow would be better than today."

  • He mentioned the "pilgrims, pioneers and patriots who made our country great."

  • He spoke of all Americans having the "chance to determine our own destiny."

  • He said "all it takes is to work hard."

  • He talked about the "blessings of family, community and country."

  • He said, "We have to overcome the challenges of our time."

  • He concluded, "Together we can make tomorrow better than today."
I agree with most of what he said ONLY it doesn't go far enough! He never mentioned God at all! He never acknowledged that America is a great country because of the rockbed principles upon which our country was founded and constituted (as in our Constitution) which all acknowledge the guiding hand of God and His blessing on this great country.
It is true that pilgrims, pioneers and patriots have worked diligently and faithfully. Many of those same pilgrims, pioneers and patriots also spent time on their knees praying to the God who gave them strength and Who alone blessed their lives. When our founders pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor to establish our republic, they did so knowing they might give their very lives for this country they loved. They did so with hearts committed to doing what they did under the watchful eye and hand of the gracious God they served and upon Whom they depended to establish this new republic. That is more than clear in our founding documents!
For our president to talk about thanksgiving and list things we have to be thankful for on a National Day of Thanksgiving without one single reference to Almighty God is distressing to the max!

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