Monday, August 8, 2011

That Achy Breaky Heart!

Billy Ray Cyrus achieved fame singing "Achy Breaky Heart." This country western song is all about the girl who left him and isn't coming back.
I'm singing "Achy Breaky" blues today but it has nothing to do with lost romance. I have this achy breaky feeling in the center of my chest. No, my heart is beating just fine and in no particular distress, thank you.
My heart problem is of another kind: too much life, too much pain, too much loss! My heart aches and breaks for what might have been because of what is. What can I do?
What I'm gonna do is the ONLY worthwhile thing to do: preach the Gospel to myself today - probably many times just so it sticks where I'm aching and breaking. I'm gonna tell my achy breaky heart that Jesus "knows all the trouble I've seen." I'm gonna tell my achy breaky heart that Jesus came to fix achy breaky hearts like mine (and yours).
Louie Armstrong is famous for his rendition of the African American slave spiritual, "Nobody Knows the Trouble I've seen." It goes like this:

Nobody knows the trouble I've seen

Nobody knows but Jesus

Nobody knows the trouble I've seen

Glory Hallelujah!

Sometimes I'm up and sometimes I'm down

Yes Lord, you know sometimes I'm almost to the ground

O yes, Lord!

The Gospel is for my heart when it's achy breaky "when I'm almost to the ground" AND when I'm not! The Gospel is where I plan to camp out today! It is the ONLY safe place to be! It is absolutely the place for achy breaky hearts like mine (and yours)!

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