Wednesday, August 17, 2011

An Alaska Cruise - A Picture for My Heart!

My 90-year-old parents left last Tuesday AM on a 10-day Alaska cruise. I wrote something about it last week. Each day my brother has sent an update on their day. I can only imagine what a great time they have had watching whales, seeing glaciers and happening on a school of otters floating by!
My dad was the captain of a Navy ship many years ago during WWII. My brother described his (my dad) peeking out the portside balcony door to watch the ship dock around 6 AM - peeking carefully so the light didn't wake my mother. What a picture for my heart!
My brother has gotten up 5-7 times a night with one or both of my parents to ensure their safety as they trek to the bathroom. He vaults over the balcony from his room and says he can be there in 15 seconds from their "doorbell" call. (He took doorbell wire and other connection stuff along for this purpose - to string communication between their staterooms. He had to buy more in Vancouver as our ever diligent Homeland Security at the airport confiscated his first stash as it was too much like bomb-making parts. My parents don't look even close to terrorists especially in their present feeble state wheelchairs and all. One of my dad's meds was also carefully tested in case it was some kind of explosive. AND my brother is a recently retired Major General, USMC! REAL terror types!) What a picture for my heart!
They have eaten in their room as they gazed off their balcony. They have eaten in formal attire in the dining room. They have eaten shrimp, lobster and steak. They have had breakfast "in bed" with room service. An incredible gift from my dear brother and his wife for two incredible parents! What a treasure for my heart!
My dad gave this trip to my mother for her 90th birthday gift. This is the fulfillment of a long-time dream! What an example for my heart!
I can't be there but I can picture it all and store up the treasures of this wonderful adventure that would never have happened without my father's great love for my mother OR for my brother and wife's great willness to be servants for ten wonderful days! May my heart learn and yearn to be like them in love and service!

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