Friday, July 29, 2011

Heart Condition Check!!!

Check on your heart. DO IT NOW! Are you holding onto anger or bitterness? Are you hiding selfishness and self-centeredness in some dark closet? Are you playing the game of excusing your sin and exposing the sins of others?
There is someone I love very much who has done all those things. Now she is in her ninth decade cruising toward 100 probably and it's frustratingly late to "fix" her heart so everyone around her suffers especially the ones who love her best and care for her with unfailing love!
There is probably no hope of changing this desperately difficult situation, but there is hope for you and me if we are willing to do the hard, ugly work of shining light and treuth into all the crevices of our heart emotions and asking God to do a thorough check and clean up! It's NOT too late for that! I'm signing off to get started on MY heart check-up!

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