Monday, July 18, 2011

Restoration Heart???

Just exactly what is a "restoration heart"? Is it just a clever name for a blog? Is it a name with no meaning or purpose? What it is is a lot of hard work!
When Jesus came to die for sinners - sinners just like me - He knew exactly what He was doing and He did it anyway! He knew He was making a trade of His goodness (what the Bible calls righteousness) for all my crap! He knew His free gift of love, grace and forgiveness might be disdained and rejected. Even as He hung on the cross men spit on Him, mocked Him, totally disrespected Him and tortured Him! He could have called down an army of angels to rescue Him! After all, He is the King of Kings! BUT He didn't because He knew my ONLY hope was for Him to stay on that cross no matter what just for me (and just for you)! He did ALL the hard work involved in making it possible for me to have a restoration heart!
BUT that's not the end of the matter. He calls on my heart to love, forgive and extend grace to anyone and everyone I encounter in life even when they literally or more subtly spit on me, mock me, disrespect me and even torture me.
The test and evidence of real restoration (which ONLY God can do) in my heart is how I deal with betrayal, loss and hurt! God sent Jesus to make it possible for me to both be forgiven and for me to forgive. That's very hard! That involves work and pain! BUT - when I think about what Jesus did for me, HOW can I do less for those in my world who have hurt me! If the process of restoration has begun in my heart, THEN the most compelling evidence is how I treat others!
God help me to live out the evidence of a restoration heart TODAY!

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