Friday, April 1, 2011

An April Fool's Heart?

My grandmother liked to play April Fool's jokes. Today is April Fool's Day. My mother tells the story of the day she came home from school to find a wonderful snack - one of her favorite candies homemade. We call them Martha Washingtons. They are similar to Buckeyes without the peanut butter but much yummier in my opinion. Anyway, my mother bit into the dreamy chocolate to find the center wasn't butter creme at all but rather cotton. She was furious and evidently made quite a scene. Her mother (my grandmother) then told her she couldn't play any April Fool jokes on anyone else that day since she wasn't a good sport. It was a great lesson to learn! If my other has forgotten that lesson learned long ago the only reason is her diminished memory not a failure of the lesson. April Fool's Day is a day for playing pranks on others. But fun jokes are not the real evidence of a fool. I have a niece and great friend who are both April Fool's babies but neither is a fool! The Bible describes a fool (especially in Proverbs) as the person who runs from God. God wants our hearts to be focused on loving Him first and best and others next! We are fools when we focus on our selves! We are fools when we run from God's love!

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