Monday, March 14, 2011

A Heart for Japan

One of my best friends is from Japan. She has friends in Toyoko as well as family in the "safer" area in the south of Japan. Because I know and love her, I am more compelled to pray and care for all the suffering and endangered Japanese right now.
I marvel in just the tiny bit I know about how God pre-planned for this "disaster" which doesn't diminish in any way the severity of the situation. Good friends of ours arrived in Japan just shortly before the earthquake hit. They had huge difficulty reaching their destination. They slept with 500 other people in an airport in Japan on the floor the other night. BUT God placed are two wonderfully gifted and caring Christians right there right this week to specifically care for the Japanese in their path.
My heart is touched for the Japanese people not because I saw the TV news and pictures or because I saw the newspaper. My heart is touched because I know and love my Japanese friend.
It's the relationships in life that move our hearts!
God is in the heart restoration business in my heart and He works heart restoration in all who come to Him by faith in His Son Jesus!

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