Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Trial That Was!

It was probably the most famous trial in history. To get to the place you have to walk down a narrow stone-cobbled street and then turn right into a fortress structure winding your way down to the lower level. I stood on those ancient stones and pondered .............. The stones are scarred with games of chance etched into their very core. The judge sits on a landing a few steps off the floor. The accused stands hand-cuffed and silent. Off to the side are a clump of soldiers and on another side stand obviously powerful Jewish leaders with their noses in the air and an angry set to their chins. The judge seems intrigued by this simple man of Jewish cloth. He asks, "What shall I do with you, Rabbi?" The judge asks the same question this day over two millenia later: What will you do with this man? It's really a simple question with a simple answer choice:

  • either walk away

  • OR embrace Him and begin the journey of a lifetime with this Man following Him forever! You can follow Him with both your heart and your feet!

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