Monday, March 7, 2011

Peaceful Heart

Last night I couldn't sleep. O, I slept for awhile and then I'd wake. It was all because of stuff I was worrying about. I tried praying. I got up for awhile at 4 AM and read. I went back to bed and prayed again and finally slept for an hour or so.
The bottom line is that my worrying was the same problem Peter had. Peter wanted to walk on the water. He saw Jesus walking on the water, and he wanted to walk on the water too. Jesus told him to come ahead. Peter jumped out of the boat. BUT he ran into a problem. He was just fine as long as he kept his eyes on Jesus, but then he took his eyes off Jesus and started looking at the waves. That was a bad decision and choice! Then Peter started to sink.... He got scared and asked Jesus to help him.
That was me last night. I was concentrating on the "waves." Those darn "waves" were keeping me awake and then waking me up again. What I finally had to do was the same thing Peter did: I had to call out to Jesus to help me. I had to put my eyes back on Jesus and then my heart had peace. The "waves" are still there but my eyes are on Jesus. I'm leaving the "waves" to Him. He gives me heart peace as long as I keep my eyes on Him!

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