Tuesday, September 2, 2008

On the World Stage - Sarah Palin and Family

To be a candidate for public office in these days and in our culture is literally to be in a war zone and deserving of combat pay, in my opinion. I have watched Geoge W. and Laura Bush over the last almost eight years keep going under incredible adversity and attack. Regardless of whether I agree with George W.'s decisions on various issues, I certainly wouldn't want to walk in their shoes. It is just not worth it - neither for the pay grade or the future legacy!

I ask myself whether we should give deference to the public servant who serves in this highest office simply because of the office even when we disagree. I conclude that we will never be able to find the brightest and best to lead us if we continue to attack them so viciously. The cost is just too high!

Now we have a candidate's daughter having her most private life exposed to public view. She is only 16 years old. She may have made "a mistake," but she and her parents are apparently "walking the walk" of what they declare to be a principle of living - right to life for the unborn. They are living out their pro-life position for all the world to see.

Trig Palin is only four months old. He has a disability - Down Syndrome. His parents both (along with his three sisters and older brother) love and treasure him apparently even more! Sarah Palin, Republican vice-presidential candidate 2008, stood before the world last Friday and declared how much she loves and values her "beautiful baby boy Trig."

Look and listen. You won't find any victim mentality in the Palin family. They feel blessed. Todd Palin, Trig's father, said after the pre-natal diagnosis of Down Syndrome, that the question to ask is not "Why us?" but rather "Why not us?"

When I first read rumors about Trig over the weekend on the web, I wondered. Now his sister's pregnancy (for all the pathos in it), proves without a doubt that Trig is his mother Sarah's child. It is impossible for Bristol to have birthed Trig four months ago and be five months pregnant now. There is irony in that which should shame even the staunchest of critics!

I woldn't want to trade places with the Palins even if they do win and spend at least the next four years in high public office and view. We treat our highest public servants (President and Vice President) so disrespectfully that I wonder why anyone is willing to pay the price. From what I see and know of the Palins, I can only be thankful that they are willing.

They are also demonstrating - for all the world to see - that their professed faith is alive and well!

What an incredible life example of living out professed belief on the world stage - painful - exposing - but also incredibly powerful! The truth of having a restored heart (made new and being made new by Jesus Christ) is most awesomely demonstrated in the difficulties of life - whether it's just an "ordinary" person or a public servant in or running for high office!

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