Friday, September 19, 2008

Hurricane Ike and the Chatsworth Train Crash

Imagine being in the path of Hurricane Ike and almost on the Chatsworth train all at the same time.

Last night I received an email from a great friend who is a student at Biola University. She was almost on the Chatsworth train except that her mother urged her to go to Agoura Hills, CA last weekend by car rather than train. About the same time she was traveling to Agoura Hills, the eye of Hurricane Ike passed right over her home in Houston (with no damage to her home). Amazing given some of the pictures of downtown Houston and east Texas! Amazing that she wasn't on the train! Amazing the she recognizes that God's powerful hand was in all those events swirling around her life!

Another friend's husband WAS on that Metrolink commuter train traveling through Chatsworth from Los Angeles last Friday afternoon (September 12, 2008). He was critically injured. Hard as it may seem, that same God's powerful hand was also in the events swirling around the Chatsworth train wreck! I don't know WHY the freight train and the commuter train collided except for human error but I do know that it was NOT an "accident"! God was not texting or asleep at His switch, and He NEVER is! You can count on that forever!

How in the world could such a tragedy occur? Two trains colliding - one passenger commuter train filled with Friday night commuters rushing home from work for the weekend, one freight train fully loaded with all the weight of its freight. There are already more than 25 people dead, at least 135 injured - most critically.

Apparently this Metrolink commuter would normally wait on a side rail for the southbound freight train to pass. There were four RED warning lights directing the engineer to pull off. The engineer (who died) was texting a young railroad buff just seconds before the crash occurred. So for the price of a few hasty words - people are dead, families are devastated, loss is all over the place from this terrible "accident"!

The truth is that we live in a very broken world. Engineers do "sleep" at the switch while they text message. It's apparently and appalling true!

BUT the greatest truth of all is the one my young friend learned. The same Creator God who made and directed the winds and water of Ike also rules and overrules in even the mistakes of sinful men (and women). Somehow (we cannot understand this side of heaven) HE makes all things "work for the good of those who love Him"! "All things" includes hurricanes and train wrecks! It's the glimmer of hope pointing us to the future world of restoration God is preparing for those He loves who also love Him! We can count on it!

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