Monday, June 9, 2008

We Live in a Very Broken World!

How can a 7-year-old girl take a 10-month-old baby and "throw" her on the concrete floor not just once but at least twice killing the baby? What a horror! The answer in a sentence is that we live in a very, very broken world! People do dastardly things to themselves and each other. Sometimes the consequences are too terrible to contemplate.

This particular "news item" happened in my city. Pittsburgh is no more or less broken than any other place on earth. We are all broken. As some say ("Pittsburghese"), we all need fixed. Sin has broken us all. We are born broken and only get more broken as we live life unless God shows up. Only God can fix the broken places to make us stronger where we are broken.

This 7-year-old little girl might have thought in her child's mind that she would only shut the baby (Marcia Poston) up or perhaps she was angry and acted out. Whatever the reason, brokenness caused the problem and brokenness follows in grief and pain that will last for a lifetime.

A Restoration Church gathering in the South Hills of Pittsburgh wants to be a vehicle of God's restoring love, light and grace in our broken world. God is bringing us together to love Him more and to love each other more as we demonstrate to a watching world that God is all about restoration!

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