Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Another Lesson Learned From Grandchildren - Fond Memories and Happy Hearts

My grandchildren absolutely love to have tea parties when they come to visit. Sometimes we do simple. Other times not. We have "tea partied" on a quilt in the back yard with juice and cookies. We have dressed up as prince and princesses and brought out the bunny tea set and really "tea partied" hearty. Sometimes we invite a guest to join us. Sometimes not.

Last week when Matthew, Abby and Clara were here we had a tea party. We invited "Miss Sarah." We had china cups painted with roses filled with tea or apple juice. We had miniture vanilla wafers and strawberries.

Then after Matthew, Abby and Clara went home I noticed how the dollhouse was set up. Very carefully five people were placed around the dining room table (just like we were) with a tea set and other goodies on the table. All the chairs were drawn closely together. It took me several "looks" to understand. They were freezing a moment of special memory! They left the dollhouse dolls at a perpetual tea party.

I knew they really like tea parties, but now I know that tea parties touch their hearts. It's a special memory. I expect that when I am older and grayer and they are all grown up with boys and girls of their own that they will perpetuate the tea party tradition. Tea parties make them heart happy!

Sometimes it's the most simple things that reach our hearts and recall memories of long ago to make our hearts smile as we remember. In our families, in our homes, in our churches we need to intentionally build heart memories. They are the bonds that tie us together in love and make happy hearts!

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