Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Making Memories To Last Forever

I haven't had a chance to post in almost a week. In case anyone out there misses my blog, I'll be back. In addition to the rest of living, I've been making memories with my grandchildren. These moments are too precious to waste. Once the opportunity of this day or yesterday or tomorrow is gone, it won't ever come again.

My grandchildren are growing up quickly. Chances to do things together, to go places, to read and to play make memories that will last forever. I know because I can still remember my grandmother's smell (a good thing) when she would lie down with me to coax me to take an afternoon nap.

My grandson will never have another nine-year-old birthday party. The one tomorrow is the only one he'll ever have.

Yesterday afternoon I walked in my front yard and saw so many weeds in my flower beds I was horrified, but those weeds will only grow stronger for a few more days. Meanwhile I'm investing in hearts and memories! I'll be back soon!

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