Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Key to Brokenness

I came home the other night quite late and found a broken key just outside my garage door. The key was bigger than any key I was familiar with and it was only the broken top of a key. I stuck the jagged, broken piece in my pocket - in case it was important. Actually it was intentionally broken (translation: sawed in two) by the other creative mind who lives here so it would fit into his pocket better.

Then today I read an commentary by CBS's Bob Schieffer. Schieffer relates his impressions of an interview with the Dallas pastor, T.D. Jakes. Apparently they discussed brokenness in the interview. Pastor Jakes pointed out that we are all broken in various ways.

A Restoration Church beginning to gather in the South Hills of Pittsburgh is founded on just that very concept: we are all broken and need to be fixed.

Schieffer relates that Pastor Jakes continued in his brokenness analogy to talk about the good side of brokenness - that brokenness can be beneficial. He used the example of a key that is broken and actually must be broken in exactly the right places so that it will fit into a corresponding lock by virtue of its broken parts. What a cool analogy!

Bob Schieffer writes: "A key is broken in all the right places to fit a certain lock. When that key is placed in that lock, there is a quiet click. When we meet a person who is broken in the right places to accommodate our brokenness, there is a click. It can happen in other ways: An introverted person hears that click when he finds a job that can only be done by a person who works well alone; or when we face a life-altering decision. Whether it is a job, or a relationship or even faith, something clicks when we find the place that accommodates our uniqueness, or brokenness."

At a Restoration Church we pray that God will bring us people with whom we will find "the click" of our brokenness with theirs! We cannot "fix" another person's brokenness. We cannot even "fix" our own brokenness. But God can use our brokenness to FIT into another broken heart and life for just the right click (connection of heart-to-heart).

Brokenness is a beautiful thing when it comes from the heart and shines with God's love! Brokenness is a useful thing when it is shared and multiplied one "click" at a time from one heart to another.

We could light up our city of Pittsburgh with each of our brokenness "clicked" together to bring God's light and love to a broken world desperately that "needs fixed" !

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