Friday, April 11, 2008

Heart-Healthy Memories Made!

Today is my granddaughter's sixth birthday. We are going to have a grand celebration with cake and gifts. Family and friends are all invited to come to a "cowgirl birthday" party. She is going to wear a pink cowgirl hat, and we're going to drink pink lemonade. We'll play games like "Pass the Snake" (similar to "Pass the Hot Potato") and "shoot the bottles off the log." There are pink and white balloons, confetti, and pink bandanna napkins. The treat bags for each guest are shaped like a pink cowgirl boot and filled with various goodies. We may even dance "The Hokey Pokey"!

What's the point? The point is to celebrate a milestone of life, but the greater point is to make happy memories for multi-generations of a family!

Years from now when Abby is grown and has her own little girls or boys, she will remember this day, and her heart will smile as she plans special memories and celebrations for her own children!

Families are in grave danger in our culture. We need to set the pace of making happy memories for our children and grandchildren so they will learn the pattern and continue it for generations to come. It's a beautiful thing to see memories made that impress themselves on hearts! It's one way to insure happy, secure children when we make memories and celebrations of big and small happenings! It's a heart-healthy thing to do!

Happy Birthday, Abby!

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