Saturday, March 9, 2013

Criticism? Not So Much!

Criticism? I don't even like the word especially when it applies to me! BUT, that being said, I've been on the receiving end of plenty. I've spent my entire adult life as the wife of a pastor. Some people have loved me! Some people have criticized! I like the love; the criticism? Not so much!
Aristotle is right: There is only one way to avoid criticism: do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing.
I have watched the rise of Dr. Benjamin Carson to popular national prominence with great interest! He already had international prominence due to his statue as a pediatric neurosurgeon and head of that department at Johns Hopkins. I already knew who he was prior to the National Prayer Breakfast. 
Here is a man of character and principle who doesn't give a fig for saying and doing the "popular" thing! In full view of POTUS (Barack Obama) and FLOTUS (Michelle Obama) sitting only a few short steps away from where Dr. Carson stood at the National Prayer Breakfast on February 7, 2013 Dr. Carson confidently but winsomely stated:  
"The PC [Politically Correct] Police are out in force at all times ... We have to get over this sensitivity ... PC is dangerous, because you see, this country, one of the founding principles was freedom of thought and freedom of expression. And it [PC] muffles people. It puts a muzzle on them."
It is incredibly refreshing to see character, leadership and intelligence fully displayed without apology speaking truth to power! 
Aristotle speaks from ancient times the same truth Dr. Carson speaks into our time! Thank you, Dr. Carson for your courage and leadership!

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