Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Ministry isn't ministry unless it's messy! Words from a great friend in ministry and the longer I am involved in ministry the more true his words ring!
Why is that? Well, I guess because I'm broken living in a broken world - albeit living with the certain hope of restoration when Jesus returns to set wrong to right!
My kitchen floor needs to be mopped sometime today. It's on my list! The reason it needs to be mopped is because I track in dirt, I spill stuff and so does the other person who lives with me.
My car needs to be detailed - something that hasn't happened in its entire second-hand life - because I use it and stuff happens inside and out!
And relationships - now there's an area to explore! There is conflict and hurt and pain, words spoken intentionally or with oblivion that hurt just the same and more!
There is time misspent so there is not time for anything but the tyranny of the urgent!
And there are all kinds of other examples from my world - and, my guess is, from your world as well! There is eating too much or too little, sleeping too much or too little, spending too much time or too little time with or for someone or something and the list goes on!
In a word - MESSY!
The good news is that the Bible is filled with stories of men and women just like me - people whose story reveals wrong choices and messy relationships. The Bible does not record the stories of people who always do right and make good choices. In fact, the reason men and women like Adam and Eve, King David, Ruth and Esther, Mary Magdeline, Peter and many more speak to my heart is that they look a little or a lot like me! They look so familiar because they are. They look a lot like me - the good, the bad and the ugly!
The BIG difference between MY story and the Bible is that the Bible isn't just a historical record tho' it is that - the Bible is actually God's story. The Bible is the story of how God the Creator and Savior of the World stepped into our time and space (moved into our neighborhood) and even put on our skin. God's story is about love and forgiveness and intentional mercy and grace! And God's story endures despite all my messiness because God's story doesn't depend on me in any way to survive and expand. God's story endures not because I am worthy or faithful but rather because He is! AND He always will be as long as time endures and forever! AND thankfully there is NOTHING I can do to mess that up! Wow!

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